ACOM Book Club for April 2023

April Book Club Selection 2023 The ACOM Book Club met at Mim's on Thursday, April 20, 2023. Attendees were Francis, Joe, Azad, Karen and me. (Also at the restaurant were Mark W., Nairy, Terry and Michael.) We all enjoyed eating the Mim's Middle Eastern food before and/or during the meeting. The book under discussion this month was "The Whitsun Daughters" by Carrie Mesrobian.

I do have to note that the construction on Cleveland Avenue made the task of getting to Mim's a little bit tougher than usual.
It was interesting to get deeper input about the book from Azad & Karen, Carrie's parents. Azad mentioned that it took Carrie 5 years to write this book, much longer than her other books. She spent a lot of time on research to make sure that she had things right. Karen mentioned that she loved the way that Carrie wrote the book, the wording and phrasing that she used. Azad said that he read the book twice (which he many times does). The first time he focused on the story. The second time he was able to focus on the phrasing and structure. He thought that it was a beautiful story. Karen thinks that it's Carrie's best book.
Francis thought that there were too many cuss words. Azad pointed out that while there was a lot of cussing in the parts of the book taking place in today's America, there was none in the parts taking place in 19th century Ireland. The wording fit the characters and the society.
Joe noted that the book contains a half-brother and sister that weren't aware that they were related. He has observed this in general society, and thinks that there are a lot more cases of it than people realize. He mentioned the one girl having her first period when she was 15. He said that he's aware of that happening in some cases, while some girls have their first period as early as age 9. He mentioned the case in the book where the one man knew that the girl he was with was underage, but he didn't let it stop him from having sex with her and thus committing statutory rape. He also talked about the story line of the Irish man who was gay but married a woman anyway and then ignored her so that she ended up getting pregnant by another man. When the baby was born, the husband took the baby and kicked the mother out. His intent from the start was to have an heir.
Karen thought that Carrie did a very good job of writing from the point of view of young teenagers.
I thought that she did a nice job of describing how the three sisters had widely varying personalities.
Joe thought that the sexual scenes were very well described and how the teenagers were willing and able to talk about things.
The secondary (primary?) purpose of this meeting was getting together with Michael Gulezian. After the book club meeting was over, a few of us shifted over and finished the night off talking to him.
We haven't yet decided on the book for next month. I'll send out another message with a couple of possibilities and let everyone give their vote on it.
See you next month.

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