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Wednesday, 14 February 2024 19:11

Gaghant/Valentine's Day - 2024

ACOM's annual Gaghant(/Valentines)

party was held at Cedrholm Community room in Roseville on February 10, 2024.

Attendence this year was over 75 people. We again had our meal catered by Mim's Restaurant with a plentiful amount and selection of Middle-Eastern food. Steve Usitalo, Past President presented the New ACOM board which will serve for the next two years. We also welcomed an honored guest, Hayr Simeon from New York, who gave the blessing for the event and for the meal.

Monday, 23 October 2023 19:31

Voski Ashoun 2023

Voski Ashoun - October 15, 2023

A beautiful fall day for Voski Ashoun this year. Held, again, in Terry and Naïry's backyard, we gathered to celebarte fall and each other. Leroy provided some interesting wines and spirits for tasting. Snacks were available and a fire was available for making S'Mores. Everyone (20 of us) who attended had a great time.

Tuesday, 13 June 2023 10:06

ACOM Annual Picnic - 2023

ACOM Picnic - 2023

The annual ACOM Picnic was held June 11th on a beautiful summer Sunday. Naïry and Terry hosted the party in their backyard. 30 people attended and ages ranged from ~1 year to 90+ years, a real multigenerational gathering. The food was great as is always the case with our Armenian Potluck picnics. Everyone enjoyed the company and attendees were able to catch up on everyone's life events. 

Sunday, 30 April 2023 10:32

ACOM Genocide Remembrance 2023

ACOM held its annual Genocide Remembrance on April 23rd 2023

This year ACOM was joined by the Minnesota Historical Society as a co-sponsor of the event.

The event was held in the 3M Auditorium at the Minnesota History Center main building in the Capitol area of St. Paul.

This years program was focused on the resiliance of Armenian Culture after the Genocide of 1915. Speakers covered various topics:  housing, history, poetry, music, dance, language and alphabet and church architecture. The event was emceed by Steven Usitalo - ACOM President. More than 60 people attended and comments from the attendees after the event were very positive.


For those who were unable to attend, a video of the event is below:



Sunday, 12 February 2023 18:02

Gaghant/Valentine's Day - 2023

Gaghant/Valentine’s Day Party – 2023

After a great start to ACOM’s 40th year, our midwinter party took a 2 year “Pandemic” break and a year with a cancelled in-person party. This year the party was on again in-person but with a later start date that was closer to Valentine’s day.

Thursday, 24 November 2022 11:34

SAVE the DATE - Gaghant 2023





Monday, 17 October 2022 10:43

Voski Ashoun 2022

    DSC05258wACOM Hosted an In-Person Voski Ashoun - 2022

This years Voski Ashoun, hosted by ACOM, took place ion a somewhat chilly Fall day this year. This year the date and time for Voski Ashoun was on Sunday, October 16. The day was a bit cloudy but the sun did poke out a couple of times. Temperatures hovered in the low 40s with variable wind. 

The fourth presentation in the series "What is it like being Married to an Armenian" was held Saturday, September 10th 2022 at the Merriam Park Library.

Panelists for this fourth session were Lowell Johnson (Andrea) and Jim Favre (Margaret). Steve Usitalo moderated the session and the attendees were taken on a fascinating journey to local areas and, also to broader ares of the World icluding Armenia itself. Members of the audience contributed supporting stories for the two panelists. ACOM provided some light refreshments after the formal session.

Monday, 25 April 2022 15:45

ACOM Genocide Remembrance 2022

ACOM Genocide Remembrance

ACOM held it's Genocide Remembrance this year on April 24th 2022. We have Zoomed the event over the past two years and were happy to host it in-person this year.

Thursday, 03 February 2022 17:31

Gaghant - 2022 - Virtual

ACOM Gaghant 2022

Virtual, again

Plans were well underway for a return to a traditional in-person Gaghant for 2022. However, the best laid plans got laid low by that insidious virus that is still around and interfering with our everyday lives and with our celebrations. We had found a new event space at a community center in Roseville (MidPointe fell victim to the times and to some destructive violence during early 2020 and had ceased to exist). We had the caterer (Mim's again) ready to go, band (Music Mundial) signed up and early preparations in hand when we found out that we didn't have the numbers of people confirming their attendance to make it economically feasible for ACOM to hold the in-person event.

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