ACOM Gaghant 2016

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016
Como Lakeside Pavilion Como Lakeside Pavilion T. Boardman ©2009

The 2016 ACOM Gaghant party has come and gone already! After six good years at the Marriott in Minnetonka, we changed venues to the intimate setting of the Saint Paul Como Dockside Pavilion located on the shores of Lake Como in St. Paul. The room was lit to a level of coziness and comfort for 83 Armenians and friends. A very tasty Louisiana style buffet dinner was provided and the four-piece band "Music Mundial" played wonderful Armenian and Middle Eastern music for our listening and dancing pleasure.

Newly elected ACOM President Francis Bulbulian introduced the 2016-2017 ACOM Committee members, and specifically asked the three new ones (all first-timers) to come up to the front. He also recognized outgoing members, as the two-year terms completed at the end of 2015. A silent auction was held with many interesting items, the majority of which were donated by Dr. John and Mignette Najarian, including antique articles such as brass Persian camel bells, a brazier, coffee jugs, single Arabian bells, an Armenian plate and many more. Also generously donated were an original painting done by Laurel Gregorian, and other items gifted by Andrea Johnson, Margaret Favre and Nairy Digris. All proceeds from the auction will help ACOM in its subsidy of the Gaghant party.

Very special thanks to our outgoing President Leroy Erickson for two great years of leadership! Also, to all the board members who devoted much time and energy in finding, organizing and setting up this event. The only complaint heard the whole evening was from Lynne Gildensoph, who was not able to dance due to a broken toe.... Here's hoping Lynne heals fast so she may join in next time! We look forward to seeing you again next year. As always, feel free to invite family and friends along.

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