ACOM Cinema Saturday for August 2020 (1st Virtual)

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

ACOM Cinema Saturday Banner 2020

Ararat Beckons

Ararat Beckons (1995, 49 mins, Dir. J. Michael Hagopian, Narrator Mike Connors; in Armenian & English) Documentary of the 1st Armenian Expedition to Mt. Ararat.

A film of striking beauty and mystery on the first Armenian Expedition to reach the summit of Mount Ararat. Where many have failed and some even lost their lives, Masis and Gregory Parseghian and Hamlet Nersesian succeeded. Overcoming the hardships of incarceration, altitudes, they accompanied their goal through sheer will and perseverance. The film became a reality after four shipments of film were smuggled out of Turkey over a 2-year period. Ararat Beckons is more than a film of adventure.
It is a poetic statement of the historic bond between a mountain and a people, a father and son.

This screening of the film was our first venture into the world of virtual meetings because of the COVID-19 situation. After a rocky start ( the firsy attempt failed because we were not able to get to the ZOOM platform, so we rescheduled for the following week (8-15-2020). Secong time was the charn. The meeting was attended by 13 of us. Following the movie there was a discussion period where the general consensus for the ZOOM format was that it worked and we could continue with this format for the future as necessary. We also discussed the film itself,which was very interesting. Mark Keljik introduced us to a book by Bedros Keljik - “Armenian-American Sketches” includes 29 short stories written originally in Armenian by Bedros Keljik. Twenty of the short stories were translated by Aris Sevag, one by Lou Ann Matossian, and eight of the stories originally published in “Hairenik” were translated by Vartan Matiossian.

Stay tuned for the next foray into virtual Cinema Saturdays in September.

Featured Video

Survival Songs: From West to East

A documentary film that is an ethnographic collage composed of stories and songs of various Armenian communities formed after the emigrations from Western to Eastern Armenia. Directed by: Christina Soloyan, Davit Avetisyan.




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