What is it like being married to an Armenian - 1st in a series


ACOM presented the first in a new series of interesting and informative panel sessions, at the Merriam Park Library on September 30th 2018. The new series is entitled "What is it like being married to an Armenian" and was moderated by John Parker der-Boghossian. The panelists for this inaugural series were; Terry McGibbon (Nairy - 22 years), Ruth Charchian (Aram - 54 years) and Jennifer Keljik (Tom - 16 years). Topics covered by the panelists during the session dealt with - how long married, the panelists own ethnicity and experience in it, prior knowlege of Armenia and Armenians, involvement in the Armenian community since becoming married, what new things have they learned about Armenians, what are their likes (and dislikes,If any) of "Armenian ways".

One of the main points that all panelists commented specifically on is the strong feeling of Armenians in tenaciously preserving their heritage. This central point was echoed in many ways in the responses - from culture, food, hospitality, language, music, dance and many more.  The more than 30 people who attended were entertained and instructed in Armenian-ness from the perspective of these three "Odars". ACOM treated the attendees with cookies and soft drinks after the formal session. Comments from people were very positive saying that they enjoyed the session and were happy to get a "new" perspective on Armenia and Armenians.

Stay tuned for the 2nd in the series to come up sometime in the late winter or early spring 2019.

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