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Voski Ashoun 2023

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

Voski Ashoun - October 15, 2023

A beautiful fall day for Voski Ashoun this year. Held, again, in Terry and Naïry's backyard, we gathered to celebarte fall and each other. Leroy provided some interesting wines and spirits for tasting. Snacks were available and a fire was available for making S'Mores. Everyone (20 of us) who attended had a great time.

Voski Ashoun 2022

Monday, October 17th, 2022

    DSC05258wACOM Hosted an In-Person Voski Ashoun - 2022

This years Voski Ashoun, hosted by ACOM, took place ion a somewhat chilly Fall day this year. This year the date and time for Voski Ashoun was on Sunday, October 16. The day was a bit cloudy but the sun did poke out a couple of times. Temperatures hovered in the low 40s with variable wind. 

Voski Ashoun 2020

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Voski Ashoun (Golden Autumn) 2020 Edition

ACOM held the 2020 Voski Ashoun celebration in Virtual space this year due to the COVID-19 Virus. We used the Zoom platform as we did for the 2020 Genocide Commemoration.
Since these Zoom events are recordable, we are providing a link to the recording of the event for those who were unable to attend via Zoom.

There was time before the start time of the event for participants to socialize. John Parker-Der Boghossian, ACOM President, lead the event which featured Armenian artists. Peter Hajinian represented creative story writing artistry, Andrea Johnson presented poetry reading from her own poems and also from other Armenian Poets, and a Video showcasing Henry Gregorian performing Armenian pieces on the violin. Those who attended had a great time and we hope that those who view the recording are equally pleased. Many thanks to the people who put this event together:
John Parker-Der Boghossian, Peter Hajinian, Andrea Johnson, and Terry and Nairy along with Henry for the Music Video.

Click HERE for a link to the Event Video

Voski Ashoun 2019

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

ACOM Voski Ashoun (Golden Autumn) October 5th 2019

This years Voski Ashoun was again held at the Keljik Rug Store on Bryant avenue in Minneapolis. 

30 people attended this years event. We had a Wine and Brandy Tasting hosted by Sommelier Leroy Erickson. Leroy provided 3 wines and 3 brandies for our tasting pleasure. Information about the wines and brandies selected this year can be found here. Leroy also provided a guide to Knowing your French Brandies.

 Brandy Selections wb Copy    Wine Selections wb Copy

Voski Ashoun 2018

Saturday, October 27th, 2018

Voski Ashoun - 2018

was held at Keljik's Oriental Rug Store this year. The featured presenter was Dr. Charles Hajinian who gave a presentation on Urartian and Pre-Urartian Antiquities.

Voski Ashoun 2017

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Group Photo at Voski Ashoun 2017

ACOM's annual Voski Ashoun Celebration was held this year at the Pine Tree Apple Orchard in White Bear Lake.

The day was a perfect autumn day for an excursion and picnic at an apple orchard. About 30 people attended and shared food, stories, a trivia game and wandering around the orchard and visiting the gift and bake shop. Peter Hajinian formulated an Armenian trivia quiz that most of the attendees perticipated in. There seemed to be no clear winner, even after a number of run-off questions all correctly answered by the 5 finalists. Peter finally announced that the first prize would go to "Poly" for a question that Poly asked of the trivia master that he couldn't answer. Everyone in attendence enjoyed the outing.

Voski Ashoun 2016

Saturday, September 24th, 2016

Dr. Charles Hajinian was our Voski Ashoun speaker this September 24, 2016. He gave the attendees a very fascinating talk on Armenian Coins and their history starting with Tigran II, King of Kings, 95 -55 BC thru King Levon’s rule1374-1375 AD.  He brought his extensive collection of coins for show and tell. It was a collection worthy of a museum. In his talk he included much of Armenian history for each period when various coins were minted by hand. During his 30 minutes power point presentation Dr. Hajinian passed around coins from a period before Christ was born for the audience to view and hold. 

Dr. Hajinian in 2015, along with a few other Milwaukee Armenians formed the Armenian Numismatic Quarterly. of the magazine to the event. He brought samples

The evenings informative talk was a wonderful addition to this year ACOM cultural programming. Thank you to Peter Hajinian’s suggestion for this program which came up in our discussion of Armenian History books we were discussing in our ACOM Book Club earlier this year.

If you are interested in learning more about the Armenian Numismatic Society, check the following website:


Voski Ashoun 2014

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

This annual event was held the evening of October 11, 2014 at St. Sahag Armenian Church. Activities included a Wine and Brandy Tasting event, Grape Stomping, a variety of appetizers and munchies, and marshmallow roasting over a wood fire. Attendees had a great time and the weather this year was very cooperative even though we had most activities in Ararat Hall in the building.

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