Gaghant - 2022 - Virtual

Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

ACOM Gaghant 2022

Virtual, again

Plans were well underway for a return to a traditional in-person Gaghant for 2022. However, the best laid plans got laid low by that insidious virus that is still around and interfering with our everyday lives and with our celebrations. We had found a new event space at a community center in Roseville (MidPointe fell victim to the times and to some destructive violence during early 2020 and had ceased to exist). We had the caterer (Mim's again) ready to go, band (Music Mundial) signed up and early preparations in hand when we found out that we didn't have the numbers of people confirming their attendance to make it economically feasible for ACOM to hold the in-person event.

Back to Square One. The board decided that we should go with a virtual Gaghant similar to what we did last year. The musicians were contacted and two of them were available to play a set during the session. The decision was made to move the day to Saturday, January 22,, 2022 keeping the time (6 PM start) the same.
On the evening of January 22nd, ACOM held its second virtual Gaghant. A quick business meeting was held to introduce board members for the new years, 2022 and 2023. New President, Steven Usitalo, New Vice-President, Azad Mesrobian, and New at large Board member Beth Warner. Current board members were also introduced and two members have left the board. Sadly, one of those members was Patty Kardashian who passed away in early January. Steven and Naïry both had memories of Patty to relate to the group. Really a great loss to ACOM, she will be missed.
Music Mundial (Tim O'keefe and Eric Ray) played a number of Armenian pieces for those who attended. Well done.
A short Video Retrospective of ACOM Gaghants from 2004 through 2021 was shown and elicited great memories for those watching.
The evening ended with socializing and catching up on what is happening with our lives during this challenging time.
Here is hoping that January 2023 will present us the chance of holding an in-person Gaghant event.

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