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ACOM Genocide Commemoration 2021

Monday, April 26th, 2021

ACOM Genocide Commemoration

April 24, 2021

Virtual by ZOOM

Title Slide PictureOn Saturday evening April 24th 2021, ACOM hosted a Genocide Commemoration event. This meeting was, again, a virtual one due to CORONA-19 virus considerations. The event was hosted by Naïry Digris and Terry McGibbon. The featured speaker this year was Artyom Tonoyan and the Q&A period was moderated by Steven Usitalo. Following the presentation, there was a series of four musical performances by members of the ACOM community. Click on Picture to see Video


Terry McGibbon played Niubar Noubar on the piano.

Liana Martirosyan Brouillard played Bach/Marcello-Adagio accompanied by Eva Brouillard on piano.

Any Ylitalo sang Kanchum em Ari Ari accompanied by Caroline Ylitalo on piano

Mariam Galoustian p[layed Cilicia on flute.

Following the official event, a group of the more than 35 people attending the event remained on-line for a social period.

For those who missed the Event, a video can be seen by clicking the link HERE.

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