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ACOM Genocide Remembrance 2022

Monday, April 25th, 2022

ACOM Genocide Remembrance

ACOM held it's Genocide Remembrance this year on April 24th 2022. We have Zoomed the event over the past two years and were happy to host it in-person this year.

We had 28 people  in attendence this year. Steve Usitalo (ACOM President)  made some opening remarks and then introduced the two presenters. Marty Meketarian who spoke on his work with the Armenian Youth Initiative. And Cynthia Erickson presenting her work with the Fuller Center Armenia Project. Following the talks, there was a Q&A period and refreshments. The attached picture Gallery shows some photos of the event. The talks were recorded and (see below) available to anyone who wasn't able to attend, but would like to see the presentations.

Links to Event Videos:

Welcome and Introduction

Armenian Youth Initiative Presentation

Fuller Center for Armenia Presentation

Question and Answer Period and Closing


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