Voski Ashoun 2019

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

ACOM Voski Ashoun (Golden Autumn) October 5th 2019

This years Voski Ashoun was again held at the Keljik Rug Store on Bryant avenue in Minneapolis. 

30 people attended this years event. We had a Wine and Brandy Tasting hosted by Sommelier Leroy Erickson. Leroy provided 3 wines and 3 brandies for our tasting pleasure. Information about the wines and brandies selected this year can be found here. Leroy also provided a guide to Knowing your French Brandies.

 Brandy Selections wb Copy    Wine Selections wb Copy

Board Games - traditional Armenian favorites - Chess and Backgammon(Tavloo) as well as Scrabble were available and put to good use by a number of attendees.
Light refreshments were provided to those who came, provided by ACOM.
A special treat during the event was accordian music provided by Valeriy Saakian,
The prime focus of this years Voski Ashoun was to get the community together for informal socializing which, from the perspective of those who came, was very successful.

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